At TriDri, we prioritise top-notch performance while staying mindful of our planet. We’re excited to announce that we’re incorporating alternative materials to reduce our environmental impact. Picture yourself in functional and stylish sportswear made from recycled polyester and nylon - materials that would have ended up as waste! But we’re not stopping there. We’re also sourcing organic cotton, which reduces the impact to the environment by using less water and no harmful chemicals. This is our commitment to you and the future, not just a fashion statement. Let’s embark on a more responsible journey together.

Our latest commitment to our objective sees us launch a range of recycled and organic materials into the range. See more information below on what icons to look out for across our website where alternative methods have been made to reduce our impact.



Dyed prior to the spinning process meaning: 75% less chemicals, 66% less water and 60% less CO2 are used in the process.

Grown with no harsh pesticides from seeds that have not been genetically modified. Meaning healthier soil and a safer farming environment.

Derived from post-consumer plastics that would otherwise have gone to waste, for example plastic bottles. Less resources are also used in manufacture. 

Pre-consumer fibre waste for example off-cuts of fabric, which are made into chips, spun into fibres and knitted into fabric. Meaning less waste in landfill.