From 2022 onwards we have made it our objective to minimise our environmental impact, we continue to work with our manufacturing partners to ensure that there is complete clarity in our supply chain, so you can be sure that we are working to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards we can.

Our latest commitment to our objective sees us launch a range of sustainable products, created with recycled and organic materials. See more information below on what icons to look out for across our website to know a style has eco-credentials. 


Grown with no harsh pesticides or chemicals and fairness to all parties involved in production.


This material is derived from post-consumer plastics that would otherwise have gone to waste.


Recycled nylon is made from pre-consumer fibre waste, which is created into chips, spun into fibres and knitted into fabric.


Spun dyed garments are dyed prior to the spinning process which means: 75% less chemicals used in the process, 66% less water and 60% less CO2.